Welcome to the Toronto Japanese Language School

Welcome! Are you interested in speaking, understanding, and reading the Japanese language? Perhaps you want to learn about Japan and its unique culture. Perhaps you want to understand more about Japan’s vibrant modern technical civilization. Or maybe you want to understand manga without translation! The Toronto Japanese Language School can help you do any of these.The Toronto Japanese Language School is one of the many surviving monuments to the courage, accomplishments and pride of the Japanese Canadian Community. The school was established in 1949 during the difficult period of resettlement from the war time internment camps, by members of the Toronto Japanese Canadian community.The founding members wanted to provide family oriented Japanese language instruction as a means of retaining and fostering an awareness and pride, particularly in the younger generation, in the unique and rich heritage of Japanese culture and language. From its origins as a school serving Japanese Canadian families with grandparents, parents and children who spoke some Japanese at home, the school has and continues to evolve.

The school now provides instruction to anyone, from preschool to senior who is interested in learning about Japanese language and culture, whether for individual development or business reasons. Our classes represent a wide spectrum of Canadian society eager to learn more about Japan and its culture by studying and understanding the Japanese language.

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