TJLS Online Conversation Course for the Beginners Level


Course Description

This summer, TJLS offers two Beginner’s conversation courses. Beginner1 is suitable for Levels 1 and 2, and Beginner 2 is for Levels 3 and 4. The courses are also open to people who are interested in studying with us. If students have already learnt some basic grammar and vocabulary and they wish to practice Japanese conversation and improve pronunciation, this course helps to brush up on general speaking skills with a teacher’s guidance.  

The course material will be MARUGOTO + (MARUGOTO Plus), free online learning material developed by the Japan Foundation. The aim is to practice everyday communication and become able to talk about simple things in Japanese, such as your family, job, your town and food. The teacher will not introduce or review any grammatical points, and there is no homework, instead please be familiar with the vocabulary in the topic and think about what to talk about in the class.

Course Details and Schedule – 2022 Summer Conversation Course 

All courses run once a week from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Courses start July 4rd, 2022 and run until August 29, 2022.

  • Monday Evenings:
    • Beginner 1  – Instructor: Rie Yamasaki
    • Beginner 2  – Instructor: Susumu Uchida
  • Tuesday Evenings:
    • Beginner 1 – Instructor: Keiko Nakajima
    • Beginner 2 – Instructor: Eri Gotoh
  • Wednesday Evenings
    • Beginner 1 – Instructor: Keiko Nakajima
    • Beginner 2 – Instructor: Michiyo Uchida
  • Thursday Evenings:
    • Beginner 2 – Instructor: Eri Gotoh


Summer 2022 Conversation Course Dates

  1 2345678
Mon 7/4 7/117/187/258/88/158/228/29
Tue 7/5 7/127/197/268/28/98/168/23
Wed 7/6 7/137/207/278/38/108/178/24
Thu 7/7 7/147/217/288/48/118/188/25


    • If there are not enough students signed up, the course will not be run.
    • Students will be asked to fill out a brief survey at the end of the course.
    • Students must be able to read hiragana and katakana and have learned some basic grammar and vocabulary prior.

Course Material  

Beginner 1

Marugoto Plus Elementary 1 (A1): Free, available only online Topic 6-9 (Lesson 11-18)

Beginner 2

Marugoto Plus Elementary 1 (A2): Free, available only online Topic 1, 7-9 (Lesson 1-2, 13-18)  

Class Size

Each class is limited to 10 students.

Course Fee 

$160 CAD


Registration opens June 13 and closes June 27. 
Registration Link:


  • 14 years of age or older
  •  As these courses are all conducted online, you are required to have a suitable device (preferably a computer) with a video camera and microphone to participate

Payment Notes


  • Once you are assigned a section you must attend classes only from that section. If there are conflicts please contact the registrar beforehand to see if there can be any arrangements made.
  • Tuition Fee Refund:
    • We are currently offering a full refund if you find the course a poor fit before the third class.
    • Refund requests must be sent to the registrar before the third class of your section: [email protected]
    • Tuition will be collected by Accounting via a Square Invoice sent to your email.
  • Paper receipts by request only.
  • Please note at the time of this publication TJLS is not aware of any education credit or tax write-off that tuition or book receipts are valid for.
  • For further information or clarification contact: [email protected]