The Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Toronto Japanese Learning School is self-governed under a non-for profit organization. Its continuing success depends on students taking an active part in the governance of the School. Each October a new Board of Directors is elected. All students and parents of child students are encouraged to offer themselves for election to the Board. The Board is responsible for the general management of the School including: setting tuition fee rates, approving new classes and major changes to the curriculum. All Board members are volunteers.

Board meetings are held once a month during term time, typically after class for 2 hours. Board meetings are open, students and parents of children may attend to raise any concerns they may have. All Board meetings are generally announced at the beginning of the year and confirmed 1 month prior to the next meeting.

Board of Directors 2020 – 2021

Joyce NakagawaPresident, Co-Treasurer
Kris SzaboChair, Communications
Kanako TungVice President
Jim CogillVice Chair, Co-Treasurer
Michelle ChowCo-Secretary
Michelle DukuCo-Secretary
Stephen MordenRegistrar
Laira SanuiMember at Large
Cristina OzekiElected at the AGM but declined to take her seat

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