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Suzuki Sensei

鈴木幸子です。1981年カナダに移住してトロントで家庭を持ちました。私自身の子供が日本語を学んでいく過程で、外国での日本語と文化教育に興味を持ち、日本語を教えるようになりました。当初は日系児童に継承語、 多様な背景を持つ児童には第2、第3外国語としての日本語を教えていました。それが徐々に広がり、近年は若い人から高齢の方々にまで日本語や日本文化紹介などをさせていただいております。よろしくお願いします。

I’m Sachiko Suzuki. I immigrated to Canada in 1981, married and have a family in Toronto. During the course of time, as my own children were studying Japanese language, my interest in language and cultural education grew. I started teaching. In the beginning, I taught Japanese as a heritage language to children with a Japanese background, and to children of many different backgrounds, as a second or a third language. Over the years, the environments in which I have taught have gradually expanded, and recently I have been teaching the language and the culture in classes from young adult to seniors. I’m looking forward to helping you to learn the language and culture.