Message form the Principal – Previous Principal Tanaka

Message From The Principal

Mrs_Tanaka_01Welcome to the Toronto Japanese Language School. Every year since 1949 the TJLS builds on its tradition of excellence in the teaching of the Japanese language and culture. This year will be no exception and with our devoted high caliber teachers, the TJLS is offering a wide variety of Japanese language and cultural classes for both adults and children.

Part of our success in teaching Japanese is based on a philosophy of continually striving to help our students achieve their personal goals. Whether you want to practice and improve your language skills by immersing yourself in a Japanese speaking environment, or just want to learn in a casual stress free atmosphere, the TJLS has a place for you. Our unique learning environment is reflected in our highly diverse school population – registered adult and child students range in age from the very young to the retired, and cover a wide field of professions and backgrounds.

From a personal perspective, I look upon the Toronto Japanese Language School as providing a bridge between Japan and Canada and in this our students play a role of building stronger ties of understanding and respect between the two cultures. This is my personal vision which I strongly believe the School and Students continually strive towards through their high commitment to excellence.

I invite you to review this brochure which I am certain will confirm your interest in the Toronto Japanese Language School. Please feel free to contact myself (905-455-0340) or Mrs. Terry Nakamura (416-466-3537) for more information. I look forward to seeing you at the school.

Mrs. Toshiye Tanaka
Principal, Toronto Japanese Language School