PROFILE: Morris Sensei

Teacher’s Profile

 Morris Sensei

こんにちは。モリス 弘子です。子供から大人まで幅広く日本語を教えてきました。日本語のみならず日本のことたくさん教えたいと思っております。私も何カ国かの外国語を勉強しました。外国語を勉強することは大変ですが、諦めず一緒に楽しく勉強しましょう。


Hello, I’m Hiroko Morris. I have been teaching Japanese as a foreign language to children and adults for many years. It’s a real pleasure for me to help others learn the Japanese language and culture. I have also studied several foreign languages ever since I can remember. I understand how it is hard to learn a new language, but it can also be a lot of fun.  So let’s learn Japanese together!