Culture Day 2016


For Culture Day, TJLS welcomed Kimono Fan to demonstrate how to wear a kimono. Our students learned the history and significance of wearing the traditional Japanese garment on a day that all in attendance will surely remember.

Kimono Fan brought many beautiful and intricate kimonos for our students to model and handle. They explained how these beautiful silk adornments were made, cared for, and worn. Our students enjoyed the opportunity to try on both men’s and women’s kimono.

Every year, TJLS students eagerly anticipate our Culture Day event in February. Past activities have included learning to play Taiko drums, dancing in the Bon Odori style, learning Japanese calligraphy, playing Karuta, painting in Sumi-e style, and more. What will next year’s Culture Day bring?

Read more in the JCCC’s newsletter, pages 17-18, here