Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal


Do you know “NIHONGO”? Nihongo means Japanese in English. Is it true there are three kinds of letters in Japanese, HIRAGANA, KATAKANA, and KANJI? Would you like to understand Manga, Anime or Games in Japanese? Are you interested in Japanese history or culture? Welcome to Toronto Japanese Language School. You can learn all your interests and questions.

Toronto Japanese Language School (TJLS) was established in 1949 and has a long history. TJLS has Japanese classes every Saturday morning at the Orde Public School. The building is 100 years old. There are high ceilings, wide classrooms, a large balcony and a ghost in the building. Are you excited?

All teachers are native Japanese speakers and teach with passion and in the very enjoyable atmosphere.

My goal is smile. The students, teachers, board members and volunteers enjoy the TJLS. Please come to smile at TJLS. Let’s all enjoy and study Japanese!

Yoko Fukada, Ph.D.



トロント日本語学校は1949年に設立されました。とても歴史の古い学校です。Orde Public Schoolを借りて日本語の授業を毎週土曜日の午前中に行っています。この建物は100年の歴史があります。高い天井、広い教室、広いバルコニー、そしてお化けのいる学校。なんだかワクワクしませんか。







Note:  If you have concerns that you would like directed to the principle, you can reach her at 416-666-8493.